Integrating Yammer into Microsoft Teams

One of the challenges that Microsoft Teams brought is the confusion around which communication medium and when. This is confusing for IT departments, change managers, team managers, and general users.

So during the last MVP Summit, I built the “Yammer Tab for Microsoft Teams” so that we don’t have to make this choice — nor do we need to wait for Microsoft to update the Teams app to support this functionality.

The process is simple:

1. Download the file

2. Click on your team contextual menu and select “View Team”

3. Select the “Developer (Preview)” tab and upload the file

4. Go to the channel where you want to add the Yammer group, and hit the + sign in the top navigation, you will now see the Yammer icon

5. Accept the developer license terms, and select the type of Yammer feed you want to display — being Group or Feed. If you select Group as I have done in this screenshot then you will need to pull this from the URL of the Yammer group itself (ie. the 7377811 from here:

6. Press “Save”, and you should now see your Yammer group showing up in your relevant Microsoft Team channel!

Rinse & repeat for every channel you want to add a Yammer group to (this means you’ll need to upload the “” file to each Team you want to add it to).

You can access the GitHub page of this solution here:


A huge thank you to Loryan Strant for creating this tutorial!

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